El Sportivo & The Blooz ” Clover” (by Black Iris Music)

The other night, upon leaving Spaceland, err… Satellite, I came across a handful of records stacked near the door.  Snagged a couple, naturally.

Thought I’d throw then on and give them a spin tonight.  The first one had a big hole.  I don’t have a big hole adaptor.

The second one, well, sucked.

This was the third.  A beautifully packaged 12” 45rpm.  The first side was so satisfying that as soon as the arm of the turntable picked itself off the vinyl, my little dog Tamale jumped off the couch and ran towards the stereo and began pawing at the record player, begging me to flip it.

Which I just keep doing, listening and flipping.

It’s good, go find it and listen to it.

And flip it.